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Feeling overwhelmed at home can lead to feeling overwhelmed in all aspects of your life. We can help with de-cluttering, paper management, file system set up, time management, purge & pack, and unpack & organizer services.

We know people think and work differently. Not everyone calls ‘being organized’ the exact same. To have lasting results, there needs to be a system that works for you. We offer different organizing options to help you get and stayed organized!

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.”  Anonymous

Residential ServicesResidential

Our lives are hectic with work, sports, and daily household commitments. Sometimes we forget where we put our keys, the last time we saw that important document or where the field trip permission slip ended up. Did you know that disorganization costs you one day a year?  Your time is too valuable to throw away a whole day. Having everything in just the right place allows less time looking and more time with family!

Onsite and hands-on, our residential organizing services are a great fit for people who need help getting started, and staying organized. If you need packing or unpacking help or need someone to walk side by side with you during the de-cluttering and organizing process, this is the service for year! We offer product recommendations, knowledge transfer of skills, and even remove donate items at the conclusion of sessions.

Business Services


A productive and efficient office helps your bottom line. Your employees will spend less time looking for important files and cleaning up clutter. Being organized can help create a relaxed atmosphere where teamwork and collaboration can thrive.

No Business can succeed in any great degree without being properly organized. James Cash Penney

Your desk is home to your computer, photos, awards, your favorite coffee mug, sometimes it’s your lunch space, and of course…lots of paper! 

Did you misplace an important file? Are you buried in a sea of papers on your desk? The average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year retrieving information from disorganized desks and files.

There are Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Department Managers, and Office Employees that need help with managing paper, space planning, and filing systems that work!

The Wall Street Journal states that office workers waste an average of 40% of their workday because they were never taught organizing skills to cope with the increasing workloads and demands. We can help your business save time and money by being organized and efficient in the workplace.

Get hands on organizing and productivity support in your location office, small business or multiple department setting.  Business sessions offer services from desk organizing, getting files in order, mini group presentations, to setting up the supply room to be organized and efficient for the whole staff.

The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.  Proverbs 21:5

Virtual Services


Virtual Organizing is great for those who work well communicating via phone, are able to e-mail photos, and live virtually anywhere. If you want to organize your space on your schedule, but need professional guidance and an accountability partner, virtual organizing is for you! Using photos or video allows me to see your space and organizing challenges. We will walk step by step through the organizing process to help you set up systems to get and stay organized.

Speaking Services


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Do you have a community group, club or staff that would benefit from organizing topics such as paper management, filing systems, increased productivity, decluttering spaces, or how to prepare for a move? If so, contact us today for more details on a presentation that fits your organizing needs!

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